About Us

AXE Packaging & Design is committed to connecting your idea and your brand’s personality in a seamless visual experience. We supply shipping boxes and design custom packaging to align your brand’s identity. 

AXE Packaging & Design helps Australian businesses create lasting impressions on their customers with custom packaging design. We help your brand create a complete identity, starting with a logo and brand style and ending with the packaging that lands on your customer’s doorstep. We design and supply all kinds of packages to suit any product. We want to help you create a seamless customer journey. 

We’re all about design, but we’re not only about design. AXE Packing & Design can also supply and print your custom made boxes with your brand or company logo.

Whether you already have a logo or you want to work together, we can print your custom logo on corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, and special shaped boxes. 

Before you even think about packaging, it’s important to understand your brand’s visual identity. You need a logo that encompasses your mission before customers even read it. Furthermore, you need to build a strong visual presence for your brand that aligns with your logo, resonates with your target audience, and is consistent across all mediums. We’ll bring your brand ideas to life visually.You can use this widget to input text into the page.
We believe in the power of visual communication. People resonate with visual content more than they do written content. We can help your brand nail that aspect of the customer experience. It’s vital that your customers have a seamless journey from web to interacting with your physical product. You can easily bridge that gap by taking advantage of packaging to leave a lasting impression that a plain cardboard box cannot.
AXE Packaging is a wholesaler and distributor of packaging products, cleaning products, healthcare and safety products, stationery, consumables and office supplies. While packaging is our main focus, we want to empower businesses with all the other supplies necessary to maintain operations.